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People workout for a number of different reasons: maybe their doctor recommended it for health reasons, or they want to lose weight, or maybe they just want to tone up and sculpt their muscles to impress the opposite sex. But each of these goals require different types of workout programs in order to achieve success and most people have no idea how to get started.

Mountainside Personal Trainer - Personal Training In Mountainside NJ - Serving Union County, Morris County and Essex County.Joining a gym is the first step for many people. But most local gyms provide no instruction, guidance, or help with your workouts, so you are completely on your own. For that reason, most people see little or no progress in the first few weeks and workout much less frequently or stop going altogether. The best way to achieve your workout goals is to use the services of our Personal Training In Mountainside. Call Us At 908-591-2828

At our Custom Training Studio, we provide affordable and full service personal training in Mountainside and the surrounding areas. We begin the process with a free consultation. During this session, we determine a number of factors:

Personal Training in Mountainside – We Determine:

  • Your Weight
  • Your Age
  • Your Height
  • We calculate your BMI (body mass index)
  • What are your workout goals?
  • Were you referred to us by your doctor?
  • If so, why?
  • Do you have any health problems that we should be aware of?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • If so, how much weight do you want to lose?
  • Do you want to tone up or get in shape?

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Armed with this information, we create a custom training schedule along with a food and nutrition program designed to achieve your goals and objectives. Then, a member of our Personal Training in Mountainside staff will supervise your private workout sessions and provide you with all the necessary guidance, instruction, and encouragement you need to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

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Our Mountainside Personal Trainers Will Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Have you seen the TV show called The Biggest Loser? Contestants on this show lose hundreds of pounds. But how do they do it? They use the services of professionals to design a personal workout routine along with the services of a certified nutritionist to design a personal food plan.

Mountainside Personal Trainer - Personal Training In Mountainside NJ - Serving Union County, Morris County and Essex CountyOur Mountainside Personal Trainers use those same proven techniques to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. This comprehensive service is the reason that our Mountainside Personal Trainers are among the best in the business. Here’s how we do it: first, one of our Mountainside Personal Trainers will create a personalized exercise program designed to maximize your results. Then our nutritionist will design a personalized food plan for you.

This comprehensive exercise and dietary program is what sets us apart from the typical gym or other personal trainers. Our specially designed programs will increase your metabolism and force your body to lose weight faster than ever before.

In addition, when using the services of our Mountainside Personal Trainers you will feel energized, vibrant, and much less tired and lethargic. You will feel more alive, energetic, and vibrant than you ever thought possible.

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In addition to our Mountainside Personal Trainer, we offer a wide variety of personal training and personal coaching services in the following counties and towns: Union County, Morris County, Essex County and Middlesex County – Basking Ridge, Bedminster, Berkeley Heights, Chester, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Garwood, Harding/New Vernon, Kenilworth, Long Valley, Mendham, Millburn, Mountainside, New Providence, Newark, Roselle Park, Short Hills, South Plainfield, Springfield, Summit, Union, Warren, Watchung, and Westfield.